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our compane aims to please for an integrated physical distraibuton buusiness sa the base on words "Speed""Safe""Satisfaction"in Japan-Korea line

Air Freight Transportation

int'l Air Freight Transportation Service

“Faster and safer” service is the dictum that makes us excel among others. Please let us listen to your needs, and you will be provided with the appropriate service selected out from versatile methods to apply for solution. Let alone the conventional export and import services, our undertakings extend to ‘door to door’ transport services and embrace deliveries of hazardous substances, frozen foods, excessively long or heavy items. The global networking system established in harmony with our overseas counterparts and agents produces sincere and close support to your cause.

Ocean Freight Transpotation

lnt'l Ocean Freight Transpotation

Pundits in ocean freight shall be at service to meet your needs for customs clearance, packaging, containerizing, de-containerizing, collection of cargos and delivery. Our proposal will find your approval and satisfaction at all times. All kinds of cargos are shipped in and out either in full container (FCL) or in consolidated cargo (LCL); we are receptive to excessively lengthy or heavy objects, hazardous materials, fresh foods, medical and chemical products for shipment. We are capable of organizing a supply chain for any project you may participate in with confidence and assurance.

Logistics Service

Logistics Service

Optimization shall materialize with your best interests at heart in undertaking logistics. We, at James Trans, compare your logistics system to one lengthy chain to build and strengthen up for sure shipment of your cargos. Here is our optimization effort to enhance our service quality in air, sea and overland shipment.

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